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Evolutae percorsi

Evo percorsi has been born from astonishment aroused by Italy, from passion for our cultural, natural and artistic heritage, from deep knowledge of places and traditions, from sake for our typical products and from interest in discovering new sites, but, primarily and specially, Evo percorsi has been born from an experience.

Evo percorsi introduces a new way to communicate: traveling.

We believe in a moment of great changes in which the market is continuously evolving, is necessary to propose new alternatives forms of communication, less expensive of an exhibition, of a "collection points", of an achieving budget, able to ensure effective results for the development of an important business. For us, this can be done surprising and cuddling guests and customers with unique exclusive moments of high quality. Thanks to a travel to the Beautiful discovering and with the wonder aroused sharing a magic moment, you establish a unique link, you can perceive the look of wonder which become a powerful retention tool for customers. We are not a travel agency, we don't sell standard packages, we don't intend to astonish you (or bother you) with highfalutin definitions. We are a team of professionals, associated in cultural organization, with passion for the Beautiful, for art and for music, used to conquer every little aim with hard work, making use of our experiences and backgrounds in every project we realize. We love our job, we have fun and our purpose is sharing the astonishment of the discovery.


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